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SqlBulkCopy - Recommended BatchSize


What’s the recommended batch size?


Our answer: 4000

Unfortunately, there is no answer that fit all scenario. So there is no perfect answer to this question.

There are only two rules to follow:

  • NOT too high
  • NOT too low

There is so much thing that can impact the recommended batch size:

  • Index
  • Lock
  • Row Size
  • Server latency
  • Server load
  • Trigger
  • And more…

How can I find the optimal value

It doesn’t worth it. SqlBulkCopy is already VERY fast and losing time to trying to improve will only get you a small gain of 10%? Which you may loose in some other case when some case has less or more row to insert.

The best recommendation you can get is to choose a value within your company and stick with it. Your time will be better invested elsewhere.

But I have read in another article that XYZ is the recommended value

In this article, the XYZ recommended value without a doubt followed the “NOT too high, NOT too low” rule.

So yes, this is also an excellent recommended value!